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Quad QCR Reflow Oven

The QCR Series reflow ovens were designed for low to medium volume production environments and for highly consistent results. QCR ovens were available in two models, with four or eight independently controlled convection zones, and belt, rail or combination transport systems.

    Reference Manual in Electonic Format Note: This machine currently has an issue with conveyor speed regulations. This is likely due to a faulty rotary encoder.
  • Manufacturer:QUAD EUROPE LTD
  • Model:941C
  • Date of Manufacture:Jan 1998
  • Serial No:9801765

Note: This machine has an issue with conveyor speed regulation, likely due to a faulty belt speed rotary encoder. However, it is still usable and was in regular use, with the minor fault until relatively recently. Alternatively it could be used for spares. No sensible offer will be refused.

Automated Pick and Place Machine

Hydrovane 502 Air Compressor

Hydrovane 502 Air compressor. In good working order and serviced regularly by Rotonair.
No sensible offer refused. Must be collected prior to June 8th. Collect from Neo Electronics, OL14AW.

Air compressor

Air compressor

Refrigeration Dryer

Hiross Polair NGB 006

  • Model:NGB 006
  • Airflow: 0.6m3/min
  • Nominal absorbed power (kW): 0.21
  • Air Connection: 3/8"
  • Dimensions:395mm x 415mm x 400mm (w,h,d)
  • Weight: 28kg

pedastal grinder

Rapid PS3025 DC Power Supply

The Rapid PS3025 is a high quality, fully regulated, power supply capable of supplying up to 30V at a maximum of 2.5 amps with additional fixed 5V and 12V outputs at 500mA.

  • Voltage and current outputs individually displayed on LCDs
  • Continuously adjustable voltage from 0 to 30V DC
  • Fully adjustable current limit up to 2.5A.
  • All outputs overload and short circuit protected

Automated Pick and Place Machine

Lab Set Hot Jet

Hot air rework tool

Lab Set Hot Jet

Kaise SK-3031

Analog Insulation Tester

Automated Pick and Place Machine