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Need a reliable contract manufacturer?

Here at Neo we specialise in low to medium volume PCB assembly which allows us to operate a highly competitive UK on-shore manufacturing service.

Our factory, based in the northwest of England, has been designed to offer maximum flexibility for the production of small- batch PCB assemblies with minimal lead times.

We are equipped to efficiently assemble through hole, SMT or hybrid product designs utilising our fully automated SMT pick and place machines, wave soldering equipment and talented and experienced team of PCB assemblers.

All product testing and final assembly is catered for in-house, either to your pre-defined specification or following joint development of an appropriate test specification, and each tested PCB is given a unique identification number ensuring full traceability.

Once an order is completed our dedicated packing and dispatch departments ensure that it reaches you quickly and safely.

Our clients are typically those who enjoy having a close working relationship with their suppliers and value a supplier who is sufficiently supportive and flexible to enable them to successfully address the ever-changing needs with which they are faced.

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To request a quotation, please send up-to-date gerber files and bill of material along with required unit volumes to

Automated Pick and Place Machine